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Do you feel like the demands on your time and brain power have been pushed to their limits?


Are you tired of seeing the same four walls of your house?


You are not alone!


The Mosaic Lifestyle: Systems for Life

Map. Observe. Strengthen. Acknowledge. Identify. Create.

We believe setting goals and building dreams is not a one size fits all process. In fact, learning who you are and who God made you to be can be the key to creating a system that works for your life. That's why we start with a process called mapping.  Mapping what makes you unique takes into consideration your personality, your strengths, and your life experiences. Next, we observe how different pieces of your life fit together, like a mosaic, and strengthen your confidence in the unique gifts and talents you possess.

While acknowledging the challenges that may be getting in your way, we can help you navigate around them to  establish healthy habits for your day to day life.

Our mission is to create systems designed to help you achieve your goals and live a life that makes a difference!


We all thought this past year would give us more time to get things done.

What we discovered is we still have that hall closet we don’t want to open.


We thought this past year would give us time to connect with our family.

What we discovered is the people we love are driving us a little crazy. 


Who knew it took every dish in the kitchen to make world-famous orange chicken?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a map to follow like the blue line of the GPS to help figure out how to do all the things!


Stop recalculating and 

join The Mosaic Lifestyle at the Experience.

Country Lake

The Mosaic Experience

A Three Day Get-A-Way

October 17-20th

Underwood, IN

What will you get at The Experience?


  • You will find a relaxing atmosphere with a calm lake view and fresh air to help your shoulders relax and give your brain space to think.


  • You can have a room to yourself or a room for you and a friend. No forced assigned roommates!


  • You will discover how to lean into your strengths and stop fighting your challenges.


  • You will leave with an action plan to follow and new systems designed to help you accomplish your dreams.

Country Lake
Kayak and Canoeing
Back Porch
Rooms with a view
Walking trails
Morning Coffee with a fire
Meeting with a view
Lounge in the sun
Far side of lake
Welcome to Country Lake
Beauty and Peace
Join us April 11th
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Our Story

Mothers, co-workers, friends.
Motherhood bonded us.
Training expanded our abilities.
Friendship grew our mission.


The Crew

An intimate community to support you by providing guidance and accountability.

Personal one-on-one consulting.

Thank you again for being such an inspiration, not only as a leader, but as a faithful child of God that I can look to as a mentor in my daily walk.

Candy G.

When we were younger, our lives followed the rhythm of the school schedule. At work, our lives follow the financial season and corporate goals. But our personal lives can sometimes feel like groundhog day or like we are on a never-ending roller coaster. With every season and change in your life, The Mosaic Lifestyle is ready to help navigate and encourage. Get started today.