The Help Center

Who can attend The Experience?

  • The main audience is women between the ages of 21-99+  That's right, there is no end to living and dreaming. So no matter what age, whether you are single, married, divorced or in between, we believe you can still work towards your best life. One of the greatest teachers are women from different life stages, backgrounds and cultures. We are better together. 

What is lifestyle consulting?

  • First, let's address what it is not. It is not a replacement for counseling and medical help. While we do have counselors who advise and attend our events to provide that support, we do not claim to be a substitute for proper mental health care. 

  • Second, we do believe we can support you in your journey to setting goals, systems and finding rhythms in your life that support good emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. 

  • We aim to help you see who you are for yourself by guiding you to identifying your strengths, weaknesses and how that can be used to create healthy, sustaining systems to support your goals and dreams. 

Can I book an Individual Session?

  • Yes. Working one on one can provide a focused and personalized experience with one of our consultants.

What about Covid?

We are leaning into the state and facility in which we have contracted with to follow the most recent guidelines and provide the most safe environment. This is one reason we are offering individual rooms and will spend as much time outside as weather permits.